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I believe that version of the BR was 1976 to early 77.  The version like your, ahem, sweet red one, came out mid to late 77.  Going from memory, so might be off a little. 
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Thanks Mike. I love the detective work a restoration reveals! The guy got it from Alpine Sports in the UK around late '77. After removing the paint I could clearly see the straight lines where the original 4" rubber grip had been, as well as the original sticker placement. So yes, probably one of the last models to have the rubber grip. Interesting that the sticker placement is lower down than earlier models with rubber grip. In fact, it's the same position as models with the sparkle grip. 

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I guess I've been judging the stickers by their names instead of reading the OG price lists and naming the boards. To me -- my point was the Bowl Riders with the Bowl Rider deck top stickers that say Bowl Rider are all rounded noses -- which makes alotta sense to me cause that pointy nose is dead really quickly. 

Thats why i asked == still amazed to see before and after works -- your a sick individual!! read that in a good way -- --Dan

Originally Posted by Kram
Great job Mark === wondering -- did bowl riders ever have a pointed nose --- I'm not able to recall that in my memory.  

Dan, this Bowlrider light restoration I did for you. Bowlriders had the thicker Stifflex 3-ply like the Steve Cathey (see 2nd paragraph in ad). The Freestyle models were the same but thinner 3-ply. Both models came with rubber and later with sparkle grip. The later 5-ply Bowlrider had a more tapered point to the nose. 




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