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What Trevor said really.

I met Gra through eBay, I sold him a single Indy Stage 3 and as he was fairly local offered to deliver it personally.
He invited me in and showed me his collection of Indys.
Our paths had crossed many times in the past, skateparks skated, shops visited etc. 
We hit it off and he became both one of my best friends and my arch nemesis at the same time. He loved taunting me via text message, Facebook or any other medium. I'll miss his banter.

As has been said previously he really was one of the nicest guys ever, it was a pleasure and an honour to have known and skated with him. 

Miss him already. 

Getting old is compulsory, growing up is optional

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Solid member and skater.
Carve on Graham...you will be missed.

CC-"Wes could have lived anywhere between Santa Monica and Tokio Japan. Wes has Chosen VISTA cause he's da man."
Wes-"I'm in Oceanside Ya Dope!"

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Never met Gra,
he PM'd me a few times, with advice, solid.


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Sad news! RIP Gra! Skating through the stars............now

Live each day like its your last!

Better to Die Standing than live on your knees........

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RIP Graham! I'm rarely hear now but something was tugging at me to check into the BDS Forum. It was this. So sad to hear. F'n C has taken too many of our brothers from this forum and our lives. Blessing to his family. Gra say hey to Mo & Henkle for us! RIP bro.


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Thanks again for all your kind comments. Gra's wife Sharon has decided to have a collection at the upcoming funeral to raise funds to have a ramp built in his honour at his favourite skatepark Prevail Skatehouse in Poole. The owner Tony Hill has very kindly agreed to build it at no cost if we can raise the money for the materials. She has also set up a Justgiving page for anyone wishing to assist that can't be there.


Due to amazing generosity the initial target was met in less than 24 hours but the more we can raise, the better the ramp we can build. This will not only be a lovely way to remember Gra but also a great way to inspire others.


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That's a good finale to a great thread. Thanks for keeping us updated. My parents live in Bournemouth, next time I'm over I'll try to find the time to drop by and see the ramp. Should be back around mid-year.

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I met Graham thru a FaceBook. We did a trade for a single 8 in Lazer for a single 9 in. Connection truck. Everything went smooth and then he told me about his chemo. I was shocked! I sent him messages, asking him how he was doing. So sad! Never met, face 2 face, but Rest In Peace! [frown]
[rolleyes] breaking is a memory! [rolleyes]
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