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I'm most likely going to be in SF for new years this year. My buddy Maurice lives there and is just getting back into skating, he needs some skate friend to skate with and I want to skate when there. Which parks should we hit and who wants to join us? He lives near Berkley.

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I'm most likely going to be in SF for new years this year

Hitting the Further Show?

The park in Berkley is nothing special and is built over a Hazmat site (Hexavalent chromium) so its often closed due to the shi#t oozing out when rising groundwater forces it out of cracks in the crete.

Potrero is a sweet park in SF that a lot of us like to hit. Check out my threads in the Pics section for an idea of what its like.

Pacifica is also good but Cunningham would be at the top of my list even though it's a bit of a drive (1hr from SF).

I would join ya but I will be in Utah for a couple of weeks.
I'm sure you can drag a few locals out of the woodwork.
Have Fun!

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Cunningham is awesome to behold. A skateboard tourist attraction and fun fest. Also, there is some small mellow stuff there for your bro who is just getting back into skating.

If you guys want to try the Walnut Creek park over the hills from Berkeley, PM me.

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cunningham is super sweet..too bad i couldnt have utilized it more...PDS is nice too...there was a ton of kids the day i went , the majority of them stayed in the lower area though..

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22' full pipe at Cunningham. Too good to miss if you're in the SF Bay Area.


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