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Well Lonnie came down for some skating and kite surfing this weekend and we had just an awesome time at the Santa Paula Park!  EPIC FUN!!  Most of the SB/JL could not make it today but the ones who did had a blast....


Mike (MrMo) drove all the way down from wherever he lives to meet Lonnie and skate it up....Lonnie of the left, Mike on the right:



Some deck signing from the masters is always in order:



Colin (skaterat) kicking things off with laybacks, extension flyovers and I don't know whatcha call the other thing....hahaha...



Malo (Skot) getting his grinds on the extension and working the hip in the bowl:





Thomas, Lonnies nephew, airing in the anti-flow area and grinding the bowl with style...Thomas great to see you again!! Glad you finally got to skate with your uncle!




Mike carving the anti-flow back wall!



I learned how to do BS airs a week or so ago and have been practicing them everywhere....getting them in the deep in the bowl:



and on the eight....I had a great day on the eight, got 7 wheels out twice but Lonnie missed the shots!!! GDMNT! I saw the shots he got, and they will go into the "Holt" museum of planes, trains and automobile photos (at the skatepark)...anyway, he did get this one:


(BTW....Steve and everyone who knows him is laughing histerically at that last comment....We would not have it ANY other way Stevo hahahah!!!!)


And the man himself, Lonnie Toft. Only about his 7'th or 8'th session back and he is just shredding!!  His favorite wheel right now is the BDS Black Death Skull Wave, he eventually swapped the mellow yellows for all Black Death on the eight....






Just a GREAT day!!


Wes, Lonnie say BIG THANKS for the new Black Deaths!!


- 2nd



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Looks like an awesome sesh with a skate legend!


Jeffe rockin the backside airs!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great shots  BS air Jeffe!. Wow thats the second time i saw you getting air, looking very good i might add. You all are stylin for sure...


BS air on the 8?... hehehehehehe

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Very fuckin COOL!!! Great shots! And nice skatin Jeff!

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KILLER SHOT'S You Guy's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Skatin with Lonnie Toft damn how cool is that,I envy you guys !!!! Great pics.

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Jeff THANK'S for the invite and a great day skating with every one. I still have a big ass grin from meeting and skating with Lonnie today! Oh yea anyone needs any dinning info while in Santa Paula besure and contact Jeff! I definitly need to work on my form, I look like a uptight white! as my daughter put it,But the whole day was well worth the drive. OH jeff it is Tulare where I come from. Not a braging point thou! We will have a park next year! 2007


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Nice shots. Jeff do you have your pilots licence now that your pulling air?

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Looks like you guys had an epic sess with the Outrageous 8 legend. Nice BS airs 2nd.  I'm currently working on them as well....someday.

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Bravo.. Delta.. Sierra.., Runway 6-9 clear for Air Jeffe, Flight Q-12 from Santa Paula, approach looking good Captain

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Some things never change. You cali guys all rip on 4 or 8...  at 4 and at 48. 

thanks for posting

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Well now Lonnie has signed it I need 2 more sig's to make this deck complete now. Wes, Holt. Look out for the fat guys with a sharpe and a 8 !

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Wow, looks like an epic skate session! That's is so cool you guys got to skate with Lonnie and everyone's tearing it up


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Did I ever mention how jealous I get when you guys skate with Lonnie? Nice air el Jeffe, good form. Hope everyone shows up for the July 9 Los Osos 8 Jam. Hang Loose! Loco

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