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I'm setting up a long pig (I'm having a deck made that'll be like a Sims 36" Longboard shape)and I'm thinking about the Seismic trucks but no one around here carries them. Anybody know anything about them?
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GO to: http://www.solidskate.com and talk to Glen about it.

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I have a set of the 180mm Seismics on my BDS Longboard
and I'm really impressed! Look at my post in the "BDS" section
of the forum about the longboard for more details.
They are different "feeling" as far as how responsive they are
compared to regular style trucks; but they make my BDS Long-
board rock!
Try 'em, I think you'll dig 'em.
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I ordered some 155's from milehighskates.com to try on my BDS LB with soft pour Shogos...

Will report back after trying them.

I did get to ride a number of Giant Slalom boards with the seismics and they feel pretty good, but that's kinda apples/oranges.


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