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Hi I'm Hulk. I played in a band called the Surf Punks. Before that I just basically skated, surfed, and got faded every day.

I got swats from mr. Adler for skating the banks during school at Paul Revere Jr. High when I was in the 7th grade. That was in 1966. I saw Joey Seinz, Woody, Danny Schafer, Torger, etc skate them way before I did. I emptied my parents pool and skated it that year.

In the 3rd-4th grade I skated the baby banks at Brentwood elementary school. (62-63) Anyone ever hear of the Makaha exhibition team? I thought they were the chit!!!!

I kind of got the impression from watching a little of the DTZB flick that those guys started bank riding and pool skating. How old were those guys in the early 60s?


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Was Sams Bottoms part of your crew ???????????????

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Damn Hulk!!! You sure get around. Pretty soon you are gonna beat out LGSP for the most posts in 1 hour!
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