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Originally Posted by 70sSkater
After he pees in the house for the umpteenth time and chews up everything you hold dear, will you change his name to FUBAR?

Cute pup.  Mine is almost 5 years old now and a great dog.  He was feisty as a puppy, though.  I was calling him "Devil Dog" back then.

yep. about three years from now it will be the greatest dog you ever had...

Wes is the original wing man!

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Today, SNAFU figured out where his food is/meal made,
where his humans make their own meals and now in less than 48 hours,
I guess takes after me...

I too would sleep in the kitchen if I could...[rofl]

Seriously, he is hoping for food, went into a semi frenzy and falls asleep/passed out from exhaustion in the kitchen.
Noon today, it hit his pea brain where food bee.... Only took 24 hours...
Yep... SNAFU is home...

Same Spot at almost 4 months...

THE BIG DOG AT 10 Weeks.... About 6 inch longer, 5 solid lbs heavier, maybe more. 3/7/2015

Hard to tell but 3-5 inch longer 5lbs heavier 12 weeks [thumb]
Digging his Palo Alto California life and incredible amount of effort on our part for a lot of love LOL

Easter Sunday April 5th with his new toy. Little longer, little heavier.
Grows much more slowly than our Dax (german shepard, RIP). Which is cool as have a puppy longer!!!

May 2nd 2015. God as my witness he is growing a little each week LOL...
Garden Guard Dog... Strawberries, Basile, Thai Pepper, Red Bell Pepper, Bush Beans, 4 early girl Tomato Plants

May 18th, essentially 5 months, about 35lbs. Not a hunter, is a back yard suburb dog LOL.
He has a hell of a horizontal leap.... I really should develop it. But being the best leaf and twig chaser in the USA is good enough for me....

SMELLING wild outdoors or seeing the tomato plant branch move LOL

Chinese Dog at 6 months... June 10th
Not sure weight and length/height. Assuming will be 65lbs approx. full growth???

He does not take good pictures LOL (6mos same night) & California drought killing my lawn!

July 3rd, Einstein no idea if coming or going LOL... Been in this position for past 12+ minutes!!

July 4th, he ain't no Independence Day Picture Dog... Fought my putting that flag on him for 5 minutes, finally food, Dianne
is outside of picture bribing him to sit. As soon as pic taken, gets food and instantly ripped flag off LOL... Fxxxing idiot...

King Snafu sits on his throne.... Aug 3rd 2015

I think he would ride if I trained him properly....!!!! Aug 15th 2015
Loves being around the decks and paws em when they roll...Just applied bee wax to the vintage woods. SHINE-Knee!!

He is the most curious idiot, I mean 8 month old puppy!! Staring out a window!! Sept 2015...
House is being painted, entire house  is a mess with installed new windows, expanded with new
pavers patio/bbq area....OK the bbq area LOL... Put up a entire yard, new fence, a custom
front driveway gate. OMG  found out today the shutters are $450 each installed, painted x 14!!!!
I had No idea....
That is why computer room furniture all is covered and seems messy...
Not because of him...:--------) And on wall is camera flash, or ghosts LOL....

Oct 2015.... Happy and semi stupid LOL...All the traits of a loving Labrador. 55-60lbs
not a big dog. Very agile and has some nice wheels when chasing his baseball...
Chews toys to destruction in 15 minutes. I bet we have spent $200 or more on dog toys!!

Its 5:45am I am getting dressed for work Nov 12th...... 10 months old
Snafu grabs a nap LOL...

Clock in background its early biz morning Nov 12th awake now..... LOL

This is the face I see 6:30am on Saturdays-Sundays, & all holidays...
If I am not up and off to work, means time for his run.... Not me, him LOL.....
Its about 6am on a work day Nov 12th. He don't care.... Lets play, lets go to that school yard field and run Dave...

I am almost if not a year old now. I am 50-55lbs. Will not get any bigger,
but got some damn good athletic skills. And developing this hysterical bucking
bronco routine when I get a ball in my mouth.
Born in December and my humans got me at 7 weeks Valentine's Day Feb 14 2015.
Been good about the tree they just put up in my living room.
The presents I been hearing about... Not sure how am gonna handle that yet LOL.....

First Christmas with presents.
Dianne/Precious got him at least 3 wonderful, probably $20-$25 a pop,
Christmas squeaky dog dolls... He ripped em up and into shreds, in 45 fxxxing Christmas minutes. :---(
Oh well, its only MY money I earn.... He looks very calm here 8am Dec 25th.....

Our Wack-ah-doodle,
Feb, couple weeks till his first birthday SNAFU IS HOME and my posting of 1st yr is done[wink]


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Nice, one of my dogs is a kitchen dog also, always under my feet but I wouldn't have it any other way. Dogs are so cool.
I am an ageing child

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That's one cute puppy Dave.

My pup liked the kitchen too, and seemed to really be in love with the dishwasher.  What??

He started counter surfing when he got big enough until the day I caught him in the act and threw a shoe at him.  That cured him.  He has never counter surfed since, although he did get his nose up on the dining table once at my daughter's birthday party and started eating her chocolate birthday cake.  He got quite a bit of it before we figured out what he was doing.

Later is Now
Happy Daze Crew
Save the Turf!!!

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Ha, it must be the dishwasher, I have the same model, dog lays in the same place, must be the noise and vibration... Too funny!
I am an ageing child

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Congrats on the new pup Dave! Too cute!

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Like I said, keep that little monster off the bed at night or you'll be sorry. Labs get huge. Voice of experience talking here. My lab's name was Lucky, something I didn't get very often once he claimed his spot there. Don't say you weren't warned !!!
Timing is everything !!!

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Nice dog, David! Welcome to the family, Snafu!

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The dishwasher gets warm
They like the heat
Wish I had a dishwasher
Although I do have my chick for that haha

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SNAFU, 5:45am today Friday Jan 6th.
He is essentially 2 yrs old this week.

Appears many BDS members were right; don't let him sleep
on the bed which we did from night one.
(all our dogs have slept in our bed, RIP Paly & Dax)...

45 days ago, albeit winter and we do keep a window
open so room gets a bit "cold"... He has started to sleep under the covers...
By morning Snafu can be found wedged between myself and precious......

Guess this is love in the PalyDaxJones abode now a days....[rofl][rofl][rofl] 
On my side, head on my pillow after my get ready for biz shower...Lifted his head up and WTF look!!!


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does he skate? 
Wes is the original wing man!

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posting budoir photos of your dog .....



the older i get ..... shit i forgot what i was going to say
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