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Cut the kid some slack, he's asking if anyone wants to go skating, not "how much can I get for this board"

So he doesn't know some rules about introduction, and what we've never broken a few in our time? It's not a Police State, it's a friendly forum where most of us come to get away from the Police State.

As someone who spends most of the time skating alone (downunder) I think it's great that a young kid comes along and asks a bunch of irritating, grumpy old bastards if they want to come out and skate with him.

Think about it, and while you're there, why not take him up on the offer. After all, it's about skating.

"He is no fool, who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose"

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No, it's not a police state, but I'd suggest two things:
1. A certain amount of skepticism may be warranted - and that amount is up to the individual.
2. Give the established members more slack than a complete unknown.

"It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring."  Carl Sagan

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i'm practicing my skepticism right now

and ... suggestion #2 seems to make a lot of sense

the older i get ..... shit i forgot what i was going to say

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This post offers a state of confusion. I agree, without stating an introduction, who can relate to Fallen08's state of mind?

Just stating my opinion here: BDS is not a police state. Fallen08, you may be legit or you are a bug in its larvel state. Either way, BDS members are clearly in a state of readiness to call out potential imposters ...

fuck it, I'm going to skate --- nowhere near the state of NC.


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Let me offer my apologies for being a jerk back there on page one.  I've just seen such a similar pattern repeat itself here that anyone who comes along from NC seems suspect.

I do feel bad for any legit new folks from NC because they will certainly be scrutinized like a mofo, even by the 'new guy' ( that means me--here just three years)

So--fallen08, do an intro post, and don't pull any 'Bro Deal' scams, and prepare to meet some great people here at the forum. 
Or, turn out to be VolcomBarkingShark/rip off artist Nick Olmstead, and see what happens.

Welcome to the forum!


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Originally Posted by fallen08c
Who here from north Carolina and wanna hit up the park tomorrow

If you ever get into central NC, hit me up.

disbelieving & misinformed...
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