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BDS Family,
It is my sad duty to inform you that Steve Holt passed away after
his long battle with cancer. Steve passed away last Wednesday afternoon,
surrounded by family and friends, in Modesto.
It was Steve's wish that his condition not be made public until it had
run its course. Steve had been diagnosed with stage IV cancer, back in
early 2015, and he fought it until the end.
Adios, my good friend.
You will be missed.


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Rest in Peace Brother, you are missed!

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Photo, Chris Olden.

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I'm so gutted I can hardly type this. Didn't know Steve had the big C. Such a nice man and a great skater, always fun we we met at a Jam. One of the first BDS members I met when he came out to have a session with me on my 40th Birthday up in Nor Cal.

RIP Steve. Thoughts and best wishes to all his family

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Wow.  So sad.  My condolences to his friends and family. 
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so very sorry to be seeing this.. I searched Steve out on one of my trips to the west coast to get my Holt signed but he was off fighting fires that day.. Rip in Peace my friend.. condolences to Steve's family and friends... wow

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That sucks....Cancer sucks. Prayers and positive thoughts going out to Steve's family and friends. Think I'll take my Holt out for a spin in his honor.

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Damn-everything I knew about him spoke about the best in the human spirit. He will be missed and condolences to all his family and friends. To a man who ripped not just in skating but in life, RIP brother
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Damn that sucked.. R.I.P. Steve. 

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Steve Died a Hero 
Many prayers for the friends and family


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Rest in Peace Steve

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Oh geeze, no words... hard to hear this.  I didn't know he had any health issues.  I am sooo sorry Wes & CO.  I know you guys had a lot of time rollin' & producing the killerest skateboards together, not to mention Chris's amazing photo's of him.  Those early 8 wheeler pics are what first coaxed me (& a lot of us!) onto an 8 wheeler.  RIP Holt.  I pray your broken body is relieved and your spirit endures.  CO, we haven't always seen eye to eye, but that stuff is trivial... I'm sorry for the loss of your friend, such a great guy.
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I didn't know Steve, but derived plenty of stoke from the photos of him on this site. When I ride his BDS model I'm always hoping to extract a little bit of Steve's style, but fall miles short. His contribution to the BDS community will be sorely missed. Prayers and thoughts of comfort for his family and friends. 
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R.I.P. Captain Holt


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Damn, sucks to read this news!

I didn't know the guy personally, but he was a rad skater and seemed like one helluva cool cat.

I've got a set of unridden, NOS Sims Comp II conicals from him on a trade many, many moons ago. Truth be told, I always felt I got the better end of that deal. But I guess that tells you what kind of character Holt had. 

Godspeed, brother, you are missed. Thanks for posting, CO.

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Damn................Steve was an outstanding guy.  I had the privilege to skate with him a couple of times at NorCal jams.
When he did his sig Holt model, I received #1.  A fellow member suggested I trade Steve my #1 for what ever he had, which was #29/30.  I did not even think about it, but hit up Steve for the exchange.  He was so gracious, and stoked.  But he was the kind of guy you did not mind doing something for.  He gave so much stoke and positive mojo, you could not help but want to be his friend.
Thank you for letting us know Chris, I know that he was a "brother" to you.
Condolences to his family and friends and anybody who ever met him.
RIP Steve, and FUCK cancer!

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