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I just wanted to drop a message thanking Mark for his recent help.  One of my nephews wanted to set up a deck to ride.  He's been staring at my collection of wall hangers and using some of my riders for years.  He said he wanted his own BDS deck.  I missed out on a SH2 that Mark had up, so sent him a message.  He quickly responded with a few decks, offered them with great prices as either only the deck or completes.  My nephew wanted to set it up with his own trucks and wheels, so we agreed on just the deck.  

The deck arrived the other day, but Mark also included stickers as well as an extra sheet of BDS die cut grip, along with the foil underlay.  This was very generous and very much appreciated and my nephew was super stoked.  So, thank you, Mark, for passing along the stoke and good vibes.

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Nice! [thumb]
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good looking out man, going further than you need to is [thumb] [thumb]

you too Mike, good post .... just needs pics [wink]

the older i get ..... shit i forgot what i was going to say
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