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Hey could any of you guys and gals tell me or post links that might help me plan a trip to Cali. I went to LA along time ago and HATED IT!(dont want to go again) Now that I'm skating again I would like to live up that boyhood dream of skating in Cali. We had no parks here in hickville, and all the spots seemed to be out there. What are some must hit spots and what would be a good area to stay in so I could skate many spots. I hate wood so please send info on crete parks only, and I dont like paying to skate but will if its worth it. Also I have never skated a pool, and would very much like to try it out. We have a over abundance of square pools here and we never could find any skatable back in the day. I also would like to be in a location where the PEEPS ARE CHILL, and the beer is COLD. If any of you are thinking(wishing) of coming to Kentucky to skate I will gladly repay the favor of sending info to you also. I want to skate, and swim in the ocean. If I swim I can start using my other hand to count how many times I've been in the ocean. Hell I wouldnt mind TRYING to stand on a surf board either. Maybe I should change my name from Spooky to Hickboy!
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Just went out there about a month ago. We stayed near Disney since that was part of the trip as well.

Here is where we hit.

1. Upland
2. Fontana
3. Mission Valley YMCA
4. Vans (The Block)

Upland and Fontana are only a few exists from each other but are a drive. Well worth it!!!!!! Fontana had to be the biggest suprise for me. Very skateable place for myself and the kids.

Mission Valley is a drive in the opposite direction but their bowl combo is sweet!!! Tile and pool coping all the way around.

Vans was right around the corner from where we stayed and the combi-bowl is huge. Slippery as well so bring some softer wheels.

We also arranged to skate a private pool while we were there.

I would recommend any/all of the above.

Have a blast and be prepared for the traffic.

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If you come to northern Cali, there are probably a half dozen decent parks to skate... Alameda near oakland, Vans near San Jose a couple on the peninsula near San Francisco, One in Novato a bit north of S.F.... (still a good park, no bikes!)

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Don't forget Berkeley. Berkeley skatepark rules. I live just blocks away and I'm usually carving up that big bowl on my Murph every morning before work.

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I can hook you up with a few sweet pools, parks and ramps. All very affordable, most free.

We're out in the San Diego / Riverside area.

Lot's of cool stuff to skate and lots a driving to get to them.

e-me when you're making plans,


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