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I've been freaking out seeing all of this on the News and Social Media. Its something that I will never experience over here in the UK (its always bloody raining). So heart breaking for those that lost their homes. As I work helping people who have had bad house fires I do know how devastating that can be and how long it takes to begin to recover from it.

So far it looks like the BDS Bro's have been lucky and missed (very closely in some cases) the worst effects of this, and I'm pleased to see that.

I hope that they get all the fires under control and extinguished really soon. Its a bit scary out there at the moment.

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Yea it's Nut's I seen a few bad ones growing up in SM, the Santa Ana or Santana (Devil Winds) blow from the desert to the ocean "Off Shore" so if there waves it's good some place & I been out surfing many times watching smoke, fire up in Malibu, SM Canyons or Mountains but they only went for days this is a week + just crazy.....
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