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Killer weekend!!! Thanks to all involved who set up and pulled off
another awesome time..
Great seeing and skating with everyone.. Great pics Jeffe!!
Really looking forward to the next Toyland event..

"This situation absolutely requires a really futile and
stupid gesture be done on sombodies part"..
"We're just the guys to do it"!!

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looks like a complete success on so many levels.  i enjoyed living through everyone's lenses!!  almost didn't recognize sneed without the crooked arm.  u guys rule!


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Sheesh, just spent the time to really check these shots out and I'm blown away!!! You caught the essence of the gig BIG TIME!!!! Major Props!!! Sorry for lagging. This will be a tough act to follow and I promise to at least get the Osos shit up tomorrow, but THIS is the WCJ '09 pic thread fer sure!!!

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If you're on the fence about attending this year's Jam, here's a little reminder from last year...

And don't forget to buy a T-shirt!

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I agree! Missed last year do to medical reasons but there for sure this year. First one I have missed since the very first Jam down south. So looking forward to seeing everyone again.

SUPPORT "Grind For Life" they support people "skaters" with cancer!
Mike Rogers, Him self is a Cancer survivor
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