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Another Bolt. This one was made under licemse by MTB in Florida in the very late 70's, early 80 I guess. Even though it s been shaped by Donald Takayama, we can t compare it to a pure Hawaiian Bolt but the color, Bolt pinline and the shape makes it very special to me.

It had some dings. They are being repaired and I should be able to surf it soon.

And, on the seventh day, God went SKATEBOARDING... and SURFING...

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Freakin' nice Fred.

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Jackson Surfboards, a Sydney iconic manufacturer of some great boards is on the market after 41 years. So I managed to pick up a score 7'10" mini mal for the classic 3' waves found around our Northern Beaches in Sydney.

Just magic, nearly 16 yrs old, been ridden 3x not a scratch on it. Took it out today, sheer delight in small, rolling waves.

Jackson will be sorely missed, I hope somebody buys it!

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