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It was a pretty crazy outcome at the CT event in Portugal.

Gabriel is really starting to buckle under the pressure of being #1. His last two events only landed him an equal 9th place and an equal 13th.

This left the door wide open at both events for Kelly to make up some big ground on Medina and make sure the title race goes to Pipe. The former champ just can't seem to get it done where as in the past he would never slip up on a big opening like this. Kelly ends up with the same 9th and 13th which actually puts him in a bigger point gap to claim a 12th title at Pipe.

On the other hand, Fanning went out low in France but came back with the big win in Portugal. I believe he is now 2nd in the standings and made a big jump to close the gap and claim his 4th title.

It is all in Gabriel's hands as to who will win the title but we could end up with Mick and Gabs tied in the end. That would be pretty awesome if it came down to some kind of surf off in heaving Pipe!!!!

Here is the full picture, but the best way to win the world title = win the Pipe Masters

If Gabriel makes the final at Pipe, he wins the World Title.

-If Gabriel places 3rd or 5th at Pipe, Mick must win Pipe to claim the World Title. Kelly will be eliminated.

-If Gabriel places 9th at Pipe, Mick must place 2nd at Pipe to claim the World Title. Kelly will be eliminated.

-If Gabriel places 13th or 25th at Pipe, Mick must place 3rd to beat Gabriel or 5th to tie (***SURFING does not know how ASP breaks ties. Surf off anyone?***)

-For Kelly to win the World Title, he must win Pipe, while having Mick place 3rd or worse, and Gabriel place 13th or 25th.


Live, Life, Love

Oh yeah, Skateboarding and Surfing too!
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