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Hello, My name is River I’m 25 and I’m an addict.

Oh shit wrong group. Anyways, as my screen name claims; I’m my daddy’s girl! My dad is David,OG punk rock from HB,CA. My mentor, my hero,and of course my best homie. A few things we took serio in our house growing up were-
1.if you love God,burn a church
2.we don’t call the cops,the cops get called on us
3.skateboards,schwinns,and choppers are what life’s all about

I’m here to share my family heirlooms. Get some feedback,learn some shit and link up with people that are love rad shit like we do!
Now time for me to figure it how to post a picture... 🤔


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Welcome welcome to reality

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Hi River, welcome.

You'll need to host your pictures on a web platform like Postimage.org or Flicker etc. You just upload them and copy the link they will provide (which can be the tricky bit) to get them to show correctly. On Postimage it's the 'Hotlinks for forums' link. Copy and paste that in your post to the forum. Try to size your images (when you upload them) to 800x600 pixels it should be the right size and will stop pages being squashed by over sized images.

Hope you can figure that out and where to post your stuff. The Collectors forum has many specific threads depending on what stuff you have so do try a search for your boards first and add them to the right thread.

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Right on , Welcome from Hawaii 🤘

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Hello and welcome from Maryland. 
"It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring."  Carl Sagan
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