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The Moche Pro in Portugal has been on since a few days.

They ran the first rounds in some medium quality and small size.
The thing is that a few hundred meters away there were some glassy BOMBS running (Mick and Kelly were free surfing alone in beautiful glassy barreling rights).
OK the WSL can't move all the organization as easiy as that BUT the forecast were precise enough to know that well ahead !!!

Let's move to today Tuesday. The "show" is on ..... on a completely messy playground. Totally onshore strong wind, small swell, rain. WTF !

And to finish it all. Please WSL lower a bit the number of ads. Please.
Even when the contest is off, it says it's ON so you click to see whats going on and the only 'on" stuff you see is a commercial.

Last thing my english is not so efficeint to describe what I felt watching the Quick pro France.
It says WSL wants protect mother nature, leave zero negative feedbacks blablabla.
So why the use of jet ski when it's not necessary ?
The first day It was big, many close out, breaking far from the shore so OK for the jet.
But the days after : No way. Keep them paddling as we all do.
And what about the Jeep on the beach to take the surfer from the site (on the beach) to the shore a mere 200m away. Big cars on da beach for 200 m.

FUCK THEM (this is my best english :-))))

And, on the seventh day, God went SKATEBOARDING... and SURFING...

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even with your accent, i completely understand you!!

maybe it's because we're both enrolled in crabby old man classes
if things don't make simple sense i tend to use the exact same words you do 

hypocrisy should be punishable by death imo, this alone would solve most of the issue [thumb]

out of all that, the thing i like most is that Mick and Kelly know how this shit works [biggrin]

the older i get ..... shit i forgot what i was going to say

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My understanding is that the WSL is in deep financial difficulty.
Wasn't it essentially given away last year? What would be next?
The mags haven't covered them for years.
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