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out here in the perimeter there are no stars we is stoned immaculate.

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That is some nice footage, i just wish EXCEL would have done one of their good songs. They used to kick ass in the 80's. Split image is one of my favorite records.

I'm gonna fucking kill somebody
gimme my goddamn skate

--Duane Peters

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The connection with EXCEL and skating goes back a long way. Below is a picture of Shaun Ross (Bass) taken at Marina Del Rey with his dad, Ray. I met them back in the late 70's and we skated many a session together back then. Nothing better than skating into the night when the park closed then heading to Johnny's Pastrami's in Culver City for late night chow.



I've emailed Ray and Shaun a link to this thread.




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Thanks for posting that natty

How did that song go? Tony Alva is a Rock 'n' Roll Star.......


edit: found the link from barleye's thread back in Aug.

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