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Day1 at the park BigPappa and his 8, he used mine also. Be patient lots of pics. had to really document this.  No particular order sorta














Getting some wheels out at the end there.....  sweet ..... then he tried to get fancy

We call this maneuver a 2nd


Every day is a good day some days are just great

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Looks like Robert was more comfortable riding the BDS deck.


What set up does he have?


A good illistration of how IT ISN'T EASY to ride an 8

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Great shots, learning the 8 looks kinda tricky.

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Registered: 03/30/05
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Nice job. I promise... it gets easier. What was the deck in the first few pics?

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Nice photos. I tried an 8 back in the day a few times and remember it being pretty tricky. I'm setting one up now and will give it another shot myself pretty soon. Keep the stoke alive!!!

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BP's deck is a Veteran 8, care of Mr Holt.  Pretty wide deck, with camber!  It has ACS 500's & orange Rainskates Tsunamis on it.  Reflex's BDS 8 is a lot easier to move around on, that's for sure.  Robert was getting the hang of it, though.  Good Job, BP!



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We call this maneuver a 2nd   jajajajaja Killer!!!


Nice work BP, welcome to the wild, wild world of eights!!  Looking good man!!


- 2nd

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Man !......I've tried the 8 once and was completely lost , I give a lot of credit and envy anyone who can skate them ! Nice pics !!!


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Right on Robert!!

  Dude get some wider trucks on that thing.. It'll turn a hell of alot smoother..

I'm sure you figured that out after riding Jeff's.. Strong Work BPSD..


@ Larry  That was one of the original decks I got from Dave a few years back with the wide tail..  Pre BDS 8..


Nice pics!!!



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Yep, what an experience yesterday was trying to ride the 8. Got bucked off alot, ran off alot and got some kick turns and a couple carves in on that mini 1/2 bowl. I like the challenge of this beast! Did better on Jeff's board than my own. Mine needs to be tuned to my riding. Trucks were way too loose so I just jumped on his and kept riding or at least trying. I want to conquer this beast before the jam, next is dropping in! Ouch sounds painful already! Thanks for all the encouragment!

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Registered: 09/02/03
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I was just going to leave and Big said he was gonna bring out the 8 so I just had to document it. I have more Big.


I liked the Veteran 8 it was twitchy but nothing that coulden't be adapted to just tighten those trucks for now, maybe even lose the risers, your right those are some tall trucks. Steve is the man thought bigger trucks sounds great to me. I know money for 4 trucks   ouch


I want to conquer this beast before the jam, next is dropping in!


What now that you have dropped in at encinitas your gonna what on the 8.

I will be there for that . It's not the dropping in 8's are real stable, its the after.



Every day is a good day some days are just great

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Right on BPSD. I'm right there too. Just got mine set up on Saturday but haven't ridden it (other than in the gararge). Maybe tomorrow at Menlo Park......stay tuned.

See setups for photos in a little while.

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Nice Job BPSD!


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