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Thank you to all the skaters and rockers that came out ! Here are a couple pics of the show last Saturday @ Paladino's.... These are just with my lame cheap camera..... We filmed it so I should have video soon.....



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Kick Ass!!

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Go get 'em Ron!

Thanks for sharing the stoke!

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Kick Ass Ron.......

Flipped this image so its even more Kurt like......Nice!


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Right on! Nice detail, right down to the 'Stang!!!!


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Great pics Ron, sorry I missed it.


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Thanks for the props you guys...
Paladinos was so stoked that they are making a "Sounds of SEATTLE" night for us that we will head line and get paid for. After playing at Paladinos for 10 years, Ive never been paid for a show there. For good shows you have to pay to play. Its nice for a change to be offered money from the club to come back. The crowd was unbeleivable. Singing every song so I could barly hear myself and unbelievable applause after every song.... It was a night I will NEVER forget.....

so we will be back with more NEARVANA @ paladinos for those that missed it.. Ill keep you guys posted..... Im going to quit my Scorpions project to put 100% effort into this, so this is my gig now...

Thanks for everyones support  !! 
Even Don Hamilton was there ! Turned Professional Skateboarder in like 1973 or something like that he said. Carlos and Jeff came out too and a bunch of Pedlow locals....


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damn that is one fine mustang ( do I spot a P.R.S too )  .. nice pics ...  and hair color !!!!!

LOL....  we need to hire this band for the West Coast Jam.. probably could get em relatively cheap  justa thought

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