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Well the wait is over and the next generation BDS Board is out the Beamer is Here. [0292_zps833e281d]

Registered: 12/01/10
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[017_zpscd981405] I setup it up 215's , griptaping it was a breeze with good quality perforated Mob. The art work is insane color and images pop just like and other BDS deck. The deck is great it's my dimensions and shape I like big boards ( that's why I'm here). Guy's and Gal's who run big BDS wheels might want a little riser (the 215's I used had freeride bushings in them so their soft) you can make them bite if you try. Setup with 57mm Rainskate's does not seem to have a bite problem with no riser. 

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which Rainskates wheels are those, they look really nice and the ones I have that I've ridden are sweet but just a little too tall at 65 mm for most of my set ups

Beautiful deck by the way!

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