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8 Wheeler

12 1/4" x 33"
16 1/2" Wheelbase
Single Kick
Flat, no concave


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I'll have to post pics later...

Natural colored 8 wheeler w/ blue rail striping, trackers and BDS Cow Skulls!

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Heres it is with the bds everything for the 8. I just added Rockin' Rons' to it.


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Bulldog Skates 8 Wheeler
Tracker Midtracks, BDS skullwave Wheels

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Tracker Midtracks over 5/16" Tracker hard risers. Inverted kingpins with Khiro white barrel and insert top bushings.

60mm Bones Skatepark Formula wheels with Rockin' Ron's steel bearings.

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2ndchildhood???what wheels do you have on that..(blue and white)???

let me be 15

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i remember him saying sector 9s for the blue ones...not sure bout the white ones 
Back on the board.

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Both the blue and white are Sector Nine Nineballs, 62mm and 88a duro. I couldn't wait for the BDS wheels but now I'm setting up a second one with those. I do like the Sector Nines on that, nice wheel for the eight!

- 2nd

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@ taz those are sweet

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I think the marbled gassers really pick up the colors on the Octopus! 

"The thing about surfing that sets it apart from everything else, is that you are moving along something that is also moving."  Q

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#6 here

All of a sudden im 40 years old ,WTF !!!!

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Standard set-up I guess:

Not standard grip:

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On a side note, I was at Chino skatepark on Sunday, and there was a youngster, about 10-11 on a BDS 8-wheeler. So, I check it out and the Kids Dad offers to let me ride it. It rode great! His was set-up w/red (soft) Kryptonics, and rode beautifully. The Kid was all, "DONT SCRATCH IT!!" I told him not to worry, as I was a collector of BDS as well. Only prob is, I didnt get one!

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