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Great to see the regulars and some new faces as well. So killer that Armando pulled it off at the last minute and it was great to see Mike psyched and blazing the flow area. Pete only had a few skate hours available in his schedule but made the drive down anyway.  Everyone stepped up, especially Ron & Moe who came equipped with an IV setup to stay healthy. 

Big Thanks to Wes, Mickey, Mr. Miller, and the many others who made it possible.
I tried my best to capture the day but I'm sure I missed many great opportunities and apologize for that. Below are the shots from Osos in chronological order and I will get the Toyland shots posted asap but it might be a while.

edit: My Toyland shots shots are posted in the PIT




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T there are so many incredible shots in this post, it is hard to find a favorite. Osos looks like it was getting spanked by some hot skating from all. Ron simply killin' it on the 8. Would be way cool to see Jay V and Ron get together for a session on 8's.


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Thanks T for all the great pix 

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Looks like a great time was had by all....
Excellent photography- T! any chance of you coming down to The Oceanside Open
in July and taking some slalom pics?.....


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Great pics T and great skating by all!


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Killer pics T! Thanks for taking and posting them. What a great weekend!

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T i owe you at least ten minutes of thinking about nothing else but skateboarding with your friends

that scroll was almost as good as a roll, so many great images, you flat-out rock dude 

nice craw Larry!!


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GREAT shots all around T!!

Everyone ripped so hard, and pumped up the session to eleven!!
I can't THANK YOU enough for hooking us all up with these unique artistic mementos..

I simply love your capture point on my Smith's..Right when it's buried the deepest
and most precarious position!
Thanks also for the fsa from high to low!
I really wanted a T shot of that air to go with the El Jeffe one I have..

THANKS again!!
and if I can ever repay the favor?
It's a DONE deal!


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Great shots Tom. Love the "eye contact" shots with Armando. 

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incredible skating all and awesome shots T...Looks like a pool party!!!!!  Very nice


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Tom great shots of a incredable day


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AWSOME shots T    you get such killer angles

Bill ( Moongogtn )  you were on FIRE this year

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Great pics, T!!! I can't thank you enough for all of the time you put into taking pics every year. I can only imagine how much work it is to weed through them all.  

Bill totally stepped up his skating. It's ridiculous.

Speaking of stepping their skating.....Loree was showing NO MERCY for the coping in the deep end of the kidney!!!

Hike4it-Jeff skates that bowl like ihe's a local. No matter what board he was on, he was killing it!

The locals at Los Osos are a great bunch, too. Thanks, Kevin, for the hoodie! Lots of stoke from you guys. Kevin and Dean have got to have the loudest grinds I've ever heard. Thy have to be heard to be believed...

Thanks to Wes, Mickey, Johnny and everyone else for the hard work. As usual, I had a great time skating!! My trip home, on the other hand.....that's a whole different can of worms.   Now, if I can just figure out how to afford the California cost of living...I'd be moved out there immediately!!

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Great stuff T...you captured quite a bit...and very nicely.
Awesome weekend, turnout and vibe.
It was so great to shake this mans hand, share laughs with him and join in the applause, hoots and hollers as he took his first run that day.

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