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As part of the CP Traveling Tour, I meet up with a couple of friends and their 2 boys, Sam, 5 and Cody 3.
Matt, Bodey, Sam and me

The gear

They are just getting going and digging skatebaording already!
I built some nice decks for them and they are getting stoked on skating!

Bodey, messing around, he can stand just fine

Told ya

Sam with a couple of years on him is really getiing good!

On the CP

Gonna spend some time time getting these boys rolling!  They are good kids and enjoy skating!  See ya soon Sam and Cody!!
Me on the Traveling CP

Why is it so hard to drink the "suggested" 8 glasses of water a day, BUT 8 beers never seem like enough?!

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                Great pixs !   cute kids !

[rolleyes] breaking is a memory! [rolleyes]
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