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Wow, just found this in YouTube...I'm freaked out, don't even remember seeing anyone filming that day. I was watching it for the first time and thought the style looked familiar, then I recognised my board bag and a load of decks that are mine.... The light buld went on! You SF boys are going to like this, the man is RAD!!! He's riding my OG Alva in the pool!

This one is SICK, unless you have been there you have no idea how hard this is to do, the walls on the right side of the pool where this shot is taken are FUCKED UP!! They go from a sort of flatish transiton to vert with a massive bump, its insane!!!

Stoked to find this!!

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Registered: 05/06/05
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Very cool TB!!

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Registered: 05/07/05
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Thats wicked Tony! 
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Registered: 11/30/04
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That's rad!  Tight little pool.  Bob is a ripper for sure.  Some nice Shogo bomb action there too.

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Registered: 01/01/10
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"If you get wheel bite, you're going too slow." --skaterat

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Registered: 03/31/04
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Very cool Tony!

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Registered: 06/06/09
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Nice stuff!

ssh...my common sense is tingling

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Registered: 04/03/06
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Hell yeah!
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Registered: 11/07/09
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That was good! Great park, nice skating...


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Registered: 10/07/05
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Excellent !!!

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Registered: 05/15/03
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Registered: 09/17/09
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30 plus year old wheelstick!!!.... soooo fun .... so generous of you to bring her down off the shelf
cheers tony

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Registered: 10/26/07
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Excellent Tony!!

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Registered: 04/05/10
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Having trouble getting the video to launch on my iPad. What's the title so I can look it up directly on YouTube?

Nevermind, I found it "SKATING AT HARROW SKATEPARK". Very Cool!
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