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Florence just down Parko in the final with a 9.10 and a 7.27 in less than primo conditions
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Thanks for always posting the contests, I don't keep up with pro surfing, but I do like to check to see if any of my friends are in and how there doing. Don't look like any were in this one.
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Cool. J.J. is on his way up the ladder, & he's moving quick!

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Impeccable wave selection by JJ.

90 seconds into the finals and he had Parko down with the 9.1 on the f'n awesome backhand 540.

The kid is scary good...

Parko had a good wave later on in the heat but just didn't get the second score he needed.

Medina, Kolohe and Florence will be quite the show to watch over the next few seasons.

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