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about this great country sometimes.


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Well we are the best of the countries in the world. Not perfect,
but the best.... IMHO...

I did not see this as cannot run at the office but looks like
a rodney king re-run by picture (who deserved it imo LOL).

As a country selling off assets, happened last night. I am amazed the chinese just bot AMC movie/Tv group for 2.6 BILLION DOLLARS....  
We are letting the chinese buy filming rights and TV programs? 
Manchurian Candidate comes to mind, brain washing.... 
I am being silly, but it is a thought..... Chinese owning American films....



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Fuck it.  I am thinking I should sell my Business to the Chinese-----  Before our Government takes it away from me,  because you know it is not right anymore to work hard at your business and prosper. That is now an evil thing in America.


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If that doesn't make you sick I don't know what will! 

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A future far bigger problem will come from the transfer of design knowledge and engineering knowledge. To date, Chinese car designers have almost guessed about how to build a car. In the future, the transfer of knowledge from GM to SAIC will ripple out to other manufacturers and then China will be as big or bigger than Japan. How many cars in the USA are Toyotas? Same thing happened in the UK.

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Paly...   http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2012/may/01/china-hollywood-film-studio-chinawood 






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In case you forgot about that famous Monty Python Song.
I LIKE CHINESE.... Classic

****  ON another notation, remember the japanese in the 1980s
were buying all the buildings in USA, Sears Tower, and look
at that mistake today...... Maybe it is dejavu' all over again....

**** Attended a meeting today, 30% of the homes in California being
sold now are purchased with cash. A huge proportion of this cash is
from off shore buyers coming to USA.... Indian, Chinese....

Not trying to be raciest, but in my area, it is quite shocking, and
we are talking $1.4mm median home values..... Look at the chinese
and indian students domination of my UC Berkeley.... Again I sound
worse than my actual opinion. More of a semi frustrated observation
of the enormous change past 7 years, very very quick change....

Well back to that song.... LOL


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A lot has changed in just 40 years...

Remember TV's "That 70's Show"?

Funniest line ever, but true- that the character Red Forman said after being

shown the Japanese car his wife Kitty bought...

"the last time I was this close to japanese machinery, it was shooting at me"

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