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Someone recently posted no Vintage ACS Trucks Page...
My Collection approx 1976-mid 1979.....

Early baseplates were figure 8 chrome shape on 430 & 500 series....
ACS 430s I believe were first issued approx 1976 with full thread axles.

Sizes varied small hanger width to larger; 430, 500, 580, 650 (fat base plate) 651s....
Followed by several other ACS series later 1979-1980s.
Do not know when ACS closed their doors or bought out.

Interesting info: many skate shop dealers put black metal ACS truck base plates on Bennett Trucks because
the plastic Bennett base plates broke. To prevent kids from coming back in for Mr Bennett replacement program,
many dealers/skateshops simply put on ACS metal base plates!! (Mr Bennett would replace broken, for free, but might take month or longer my info :----)....
That is why IMHO sometimes seems like the ACS black base plate is OG to the Bennett Trucks when restoring them LOL...
AS they often are 35yrs later!!

ANY OTHER ACS Knowledge, History, or pictures, POST EM UP!!!

ACS magazine ad... Early 1977-ish I believe.....
The picture of the ACS 650 suggests early 1977 ad and all black base plates.... 


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Where are the Lites?
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